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Linkage mechanism design of vertical wind turbine

Jul 20, 2018

Wind is endowed with human nature a kind of clean and cheap renewable energy, vertical wind turbine can be reasonable to the wind energy into mechanical energy, and then put the mechanical energy into electricity or thermal energy conversion device, it is a major component of wind power, the key to its performance determines the efficiency of wind turbine.

Compared with horizontal shaft generator, vertical shaft generator unit can accept wind from any direction. Therefore, no wind system is required. Moreover, its generator and gear box are installed at the bottom, the structure is stable and convenient for debugging. The aerodynamic noise produced is also small and suitable for running in places with high requirements for noise control.

Need to know is the linkage of vertical wind turbine design, usually USES the parallelogram mechanism, vertical axis wind turbine blades and blade, blades, vice, leaf; The two blades are installed parallel to the main shaft of the wind wheel.

In order to ensure that the vertical wind turbine main, vice impeller in motion when the tangential force is the largest, when installed, the center of the blade arm axis is the main blade string midperpendicular, straight line is pair of blade midperpendicular strings. The main and secondary blades adopt the contralateral quadrilateral linkage device. There is a pneumatic cylinder connection between the secondary blade and the blade arm. The inner part of the pneumatic cylinder is equipped with spring to make it have good cushioning effect.

Of course, when vertical wind turbines are running, the main and secondary blades revolve around the active rotation axis. When the wind is small, the tension of the connecting rod on the secondary blade is less than that of the pneumatic cylinder, and the optimal Angle between the two blades remains. But when the wind speed increases to a certain degree, through certain way will decrease the Angle between the two blades, the flow of air volume reduction, reduce main, deputy leaves produce lift, rotor speed slow, near to the rated speed, to reduce the output voltage, realized the adjustment function of linkage mechanism, realizes the braking effect. http://www.titanwindturbine.com/