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Lightning protection measures within the household wind power system

May 29, 2018

With the popularization of household wind power system, the safe operation of wind farm has been paid more and more attention. Lightning strike is one of the most important factors affecting the safe operation of wind farm. The height and installation position of the fan determine that it is the preferred channel for lightning strikes. Therefore, a complete lightning protection system must be installed for the electrical and electronic equipment in the household wind power system.

Concept of lightning protection reserve is planning a family of wind power system is the basis of integrated lightning protection, it is a kind of structure design method of the space, in order to create a stable structure of the electromagnetic compatibility with the environment. The anti-electromagnetic interference ability of different electrical equipment in the structure determines the requirement of this space electromagnetic environment.

As a protective measure, the specific result of the classification of the lightning protection area is related to the structure of the household wind power system, and the structural form and materials should also be considered. By installing shielding devices and surge protectors, lightning is greatly reduced in the lightning protection zone, and electrical and electronic equipment in home wind power systems can work without interference.

Household wind power generation system internal lightning protection system is made up of all the cut lightning electromagnetic effect in the area of facilities, including lightning protection equipotential connection, shielding and surge protection. All conductive parts are connected to each other to reduce the potential difference in the lightning protection system. In the design of equipotential connection, the minimum cross-sectional area of the connection should be considered according to the standard.

And shielding device can reduce the electromagnetic interference household wind power generation system, to achieve this, you need to household wind power generation system of engine room is made of a closed metal shell, related to electrical and electronic devices are installed in the switch cabinet, cabinet put oneself in another's position of switch cabinet and control cabinet should have good shielding effect.

In addition to the use of shielding measures to suppress the interference sources of radiation, for lightning protection area border conductive interference also needs to have the corresponding protective measures, so as to make the electrical and electronic equipment and reliable work. In lightning protection area and subsequent minefield, only less energy of pulse current, the pulse current is produced by the external induced over-voltage, or transients produced from within the system.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/