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Learn about the composition and specific types of small wind generator

Jun 30, 2017

[Small wind generator] In the specific types of wind turbines, the following will be involved, is a small wind turbine this one, and, for us, is not familiar with and understand, so it is necessary to carry out This aspect of the study work so that everyone can be familiar with it, so that it does not know what it is, and thus, in this regard is a blank.

1. Definition of small wind turbines

Small wind turbines, the definition of it, is derived from the specific aspects of the wind turbine power. In general, is the power generation in the 10 kW and 10 kW below the wind turbine, called the small wind turbine, if more than this range, then, not the name of the.

2. The composition of small wind turbines

Small wind turbines, which are components on the main, there are wind turbines, towers, generators, rotary bodies, speed control agencies, steering mechanism, and the brake mechanism of the seven. And, are important parts and important components, so, are indispensable.

3. Classification of small wind turbines

Small wind turbines, which are divided according to the position of the generator wind wheel shaft, then it can be divided into horizontal and vertical axes.

Horizontal axis Small wind turbine: its wind wheel, is rotating around the horizontal axis, so the wind wheel shaft is parallel to the wind direction. While the blades on the wind wheel are radially mounted. In addition, the number of blades in the wind wheel is between 1 and 10 pieces.

Vertical axis Small wind turbine: This type, the main difference with the horizontal axis of the small wind turbine is in the wind wheel movement mode, because it is rotated around the vertical axis, so will it be different. Moreover, in this way, the wind wheel shaft is perpendicular to the wind direction. Therefore, its advantage is that when the wind direction changes, you can not work on the wind.