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Key aspects of the price of small wind turbines and their operating temperature

Nov 20, 2017

Small wind turbines, which are one of the wind turbines, are also in the field of application. For now, its market potential and future development trend, also is very good, so, based on this situation, to be familiar and understand is necessary, because, this can effective and reasonable use of small wind turbines, in turn, want to get the expected effect.

1. What is a small wind turbine from the point of view of the net?

From an off-grid point of view, small wind turbines are off-grid, i.e., they do not send power to the grid. As a result, there is a battery pack on this generator set, and some will use solar cells to complement the wind and light energy. And that's one of the differences between it and big wind turbines.

2. Specific kinds of examples and power generation related factors

There are a number of specific types of small wind turbines, such as small magnetic levitation wind turbines, which are used in magnetic levitation technology to obtain a specific type.

The power generation of small wind turbines, in terms of related factors, is the capacity of the generator alone, and the actual wind conditions. As long as there is a difference, there must be an impact on electricity generation.

3. Key factors for the price of small wind turbines and necessary components for household types

The key to the price of a small wind turbine is to store it in electricity because it has a lot to do with price. And the impact on prices, too, is huge. And the family type small wind turbine, the component that it must have, is the wind generator, controller, inverter and the battery, the four, are not.

4. Can a small wind turbine be filled with a 60V battery? In addition, are small wind turbines of different power at operating temperature the same?

A small wind turbine, whether it can be filled with a 60V battery, is to see how much the output voltage of the generator is, if it is greater than 70V, then it can be charged to a 60V battery. If it's 70V, then you have to take a diode, and then you charge it.

Different power of small wind turbines, the operation temperature this parameter, there is a difference, not all the same, so, at this point, should have a correct understanding, can't go wrong. For example, the 850W small wind turbine, whose oil temperature should be below 80 degrees Celsius, must not exceed 90 degrees Celsius.