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Introduction of type of 1000 w small wind turbine

Dec 26, 2018

The 1000 w small wind turbine is a power device that converts wind energy into mechanical work, mechanical work drives the rotor to rotate, and finally outputs AC power. Its working principle is relatively simple, the wind wheel rotates under the action of the wind, it transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into the mechanical energy of the wind wheel shaft, and the generator rotates to generate electricity under the driving of the wind wheel shaft.


According to the characteristics of the fixed pitch stall fan and the variable speed constant frequency pitch fan, the motors of the current 1000 w small wind turbines in China are generally divided into two categories, namely asynchronous and synchronous. Asynchronous type can be divided into two types, one is cage asynchronous generator, the stator delivers 50Hz alternating current of different power to the grid; the other is wound double-fed asynchronous generator, the rotor is controlled by inverter and indirectly conveys to the grid. Active or reactive power.


The synchronous generators of 1000 w small wind turbines are also divided into two categories, namely permanent magnet synchronous generators and electric excitation synchronous generators. Depending on the form of the blade, 1000 w small wind turbines can also be used in two categories:

The horizontal axis. One is a horizontal axis wind turbine, which has a wind direction sensing element and a servo motor. It can be divided into two types: lift type and resistance type, which can concentrate the air flow and increase the air flow speed. There is also a vertical axis wind turbine that does not need to wind when the wind direction changes. It not only simplifies the structural design, but also reduces the gyroscopic force when the wind wheel is against the wind.http://titanwindturbine.com/