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Installation of wind turbines should be considered

Jun 09, 2017

Today, many people use wind power, because it can reduce environmental pollution, saving coal, oil and other conventional energy. However, the installation of wind turbines, we must pay attention to some problems, today Xiaobian for everyone to come one by one.


wind power in power system

1. The installation site of the fan should be selected where the annual average wind speed is larger, such as the mountain pass, the windward slope, the hill, etc., and there should be no obstacle (such as a building, a tree or a hill) in front or around.
2. more stable prevailing wind direction. Prevailing wind direction refers to the frequency of the most wind.
3. The daily changes in wind speed are small, which means that the wind speed is longer.
4. Avoid the wind speed in the wind turbine range of a large "shear" and whirlwind, etc., so as to avoid the wind pulsation caused by wind turbine jitter or damage.
5. Minimize the impact of natural disasters.
6. Where possible, as close as possible to the electricity location to reduce the loss of electricity lines.


Small wind-solar hybrid system

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