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Innovative design and application advantages of vertical axis wind turbines

Nov 15, 2018

Today, the promotion of horizontal-axis wind turbine systems, the emergence of vertical-axis wind turbines has rewritten the history that vertical-axis wind turbines cannot be widely commercialized, overcoming the current wind turbines that require both wind power generation and wind power to damage wind turbine equipment. The embarrassing situation has opened up a wide range of applications for vertical axis wind turbines.


Vertical axis wind turbines have three advantages. They are installed at the bottom of the tower. The overall center of gravity is low, the structure is concise, and it is easier to develop into a large-scale and complex environment. Installation and maintenance are very convenient. Secondly, the blade of the vertical axis wind turbine rotates in a three-dimensional space of a cylinder. More wind energy is received, and there is no loss of wind direction variation. The power generation will be greatly improved, and the rapid recovery of investment cost will be accelerated.


In addition, the blades of the vertical axis wind turbine are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, unique patented design, integral casting molding, reducing maintenance costs, longer service life, no noise impact on the environment, and solving the safety of the rotor speed. Control problem, optimize the overall structure, can start at 3 meters per second wind speed, control the speed under strong wind conditions of 25 meters per second or more, and complete the control program in a very short time of 30 seconds, keep the fan Power generation during normal work.


For other fans, it can only be parked or in a stalled state. Because the equipment does not have the high cost of supporting large structures at the bottom and meets the requirements of simplicity, safety and reliability, it will be an ideal model for offshore wind farms.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/