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Independently operating 1000 w small wind turbine

Feb 20, 2019

Wind power generation has been highly valued by governments around the world due to clean and pollution-free, short construction period, flexible investment, small land occupation, and good economic and social benefits. In wind power systems, in order to ensure stable output of wind turbine output, the rational design of the controller is very important.


Independently operating 1000 w small wind turbine systems do not require grid-connected power generation, the system output must change with load changes, and the complexity of the system is greatly increased due to the randomness and instability of wind energy and load changes. Therefore, the system should adjust to adapt to wind speed changes, meet load requirements, and operate the entire system within a safe and reasonable range.


The 1000 w small wind turbine realizes load tracking and charge and discharge integrated control. The wind turbine drives the permanent magnet synchronous generator to generate electricity. The generated alternating current is rectified to charge or supply the load to the battery; the inverter outputs the battery or chopper. The DC power is converted into AC power for load; the DC/DC converter is used to change the load characteristics of the wind turbine, adjust the generator output power and control the battery charge and discharge; the unloading load is used to protect the wind turbine.


Finally, the maximum power can be tracked; the output power of the wind turbine is matched with the load power; the battery is properly charged to prevent overcharging or overdischarging; and the 1000 w small wind turbine output is stable.www.titanwindturbine.com