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Improvement of the technology of courtyard lighting wind turbines

Mar 29, 2018

Due to record wind data of eddy current and the protection of the courtyard lighting wind turbines is crucial, so the wind turbines need accurate information, wind conditions for safe operation. When anemometer speed can not change quickly, we can't accurately measure vortex. Accurate wind direction is just as important, of course, once the garden lighting the deviation Angle of wind turbine more than + / - 10 degrees, so the power output will be a sharp drop in.

In this case, the courtyard lighting wind turbines can use programmable logic controller switch sensor signal, in order to better control of wind turbines. Since there is no any kind of ultrasonic sensor, controller can provide for all types of turbine directly using the various forms of information. Need to install the adapter, therefore, in order to receive signals from the ultrasonic sensor, and transmitted to the PLC.

That is to say, according to different types of garden lighting wind turbines, write a special ladder diagram logic, to simulate the digital logic of each controller need sensor signal. On this basis can also create logic, for the dynamic performance, and that all the equipment, 240 w power supply and current controller, all installed lighting wind turbines in the courtyard of the cabin.

In addition, you can use a laser detection and sorting technology, further enhance the performance of the courtyard lighting wind turbines. Such as bow wave deviation correction and wind speed, etc. These data for writing logic, in front of the turbine control system actually use these data, to correct the distortion of wind speed and direction data, this can increase the energy acquisition, reduce driving gear wear and tear.

After continuous optimization and improvement, courtyard lighting wind turbines meteorology accuracy raised, not only operation to reduce downtime, but also make the garden lighting fatigue load to reduce the wind turbines driving mechanism, and to promote the efficiency of the turbine is realized.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/