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How to use a small wind driven generator

Jun 15, 2017

The general power generation in the 10 kilowatts and below the wind turbine called small wind turbines. Xiaobian today with everyone to understand how to use small wind turbines.


wind power in power system

  1. We should establish a system of daily maintenance and regular maintenance, so that, since the use of results, but also reduce the cost of maintenance.

  2. should pay more attention to the regular maintenance of small wind turbines, the use of managers have to conduct field visits, only hands-on, in order to better understand the use of wind turbines and explore the use of the process of the problems.

  3. Wind turbine is best not to bring "disease" to run, do not overload work, not to arbitrarily change the original design device.

  4. We have to establish a clear technical file system, as well as a detailed record of wind turbine and battery use. This information includes the fan number, fan with tools, parts, instruction manuals and other technical documents, as well as fan operation, the use of work done hours, technical maintenance and repair situation.


    Maglev wind driven generator