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How to install a small wind turbine correctly

Nov 07, 2018

If the small wind turbines are installed without paying attention to the installation details, it will seriously affect the future use of the wind turbines, increase the maintenance cost and shorten the service life. Therefore, when installing a small wind turbine, first ensure that the foundation is level. It can be measured by the level gauge. After the tower is installed, it must be vertical.


Small wind turbines using zipper towers should pay attention to the winding method of the cable, and must be grounded after one week of winding the tower. For safety reasons, do not install if the wind is too large; and the wind turbine output lines should be connected in parallel during installation to prevent the wind turbine from running during installation.


After the installation of the small wind turbine is completed, the controller should be connected to connect the wind turbine to the battery before connecting the controller to avoid excessive current burnout. The inverter should be led out of the battery terminal, not directly connected to the battery and controller line to avoid burning the inverter. The initial power consumption should be used when the controller shows that the battery is full, to avoid damage caused by battery shortage.https://www.titanwindturbine.com/