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How to install 500 w wind turbine, how to run

Jan 03, 2019

In many places in China, due to the influence of topography and topography, it is necessary to install selectively when installing generators. Some areas lack water resources and cannot use large-scale power generation equipment, but people cannot use electricity forever. Therefore, the 500 w wind turbine is a good choice, because it is used by a small number of people, so it is only necessary to meet the required conditions to install and debug the small low-speed generator, so how to install the 500 w wind turbine becomes a key The problem.


If you want to install a 500 w wind turbine, you must meet the necessary conditions for its installation, such as the height of the terrain, whether there is a gap in the terrain, whether the energy resources are sufficient, etc., as long as these requirements are met, the power generation of the 500 w wind turbine can be realized. Power supply process. Then it is very convenient when installing, just read carefully and understand the instructions.


500 w wind turbines have three modes of operation. One is the independent operation mode. Usually, a small wind turbine provides electricity to one household or several households. It uses battery storage energy to ensure electricity consumption when there is no wind. Wind power is combined with other power generation methods to supply electricity to one unit or one village or one island. Third, wind power is integrated into the conventional grid to provide electricity to the large grid.www.titanwindturbine.com