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How to ensure the safe operation of small domestic wind turbines

Apr 27, 2019

Small household wind turbines shoulder the heavy responsibility of providing power generation equipment for people's living electricity, so it will occupy a very important position for a long time. Wind energy has also received attention as a renewable, non-polluting natural energy source.


In the long-term practice, we found that due to the design problem, ordinary electric generators are prone to some dangerous accidents in the case of large wind speeds. In order to ensure the safe operation of the wind turbine, the original design needs to be improved, and the pitch control technology is applied in this case, thereby developing a small household wind turbine in addition to the pitch.


The blade angle of the ordinary wind turbine is fixed. When the wind is encountered, the wind wheel will rotate rapidly, which leads to bad phenomena such as blade flying speed and excessive instantaneous current. This is a safety hazard. Therefore, the researchers have improved the small household wind turbines, using the pitch control technology and automatic control system, thus providing a double protection for the equipment.


When the ambient wind speed exceeds the rated wind speed of the small household wind turbine, the variable pitch small household wind turbine will automatically adjust the pitch to ensure the stability of the rotor speed. At the same time, the system can also control the state of the equipment according to the actual situation, fully guarantee the safe operation of the equipment.www.titanwindturbine.com