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How to buy wind driven generator

Jun 09, 2017

Whether it is in the tourist attractions, border, schools, troops and even poor mountainous areas, operation, pastoral areas, we will see the wind turbine, then how to buy a suitable for their own a wind turbine? Xiaobian today with everyone to understand.


Small wind driven generator

  1. To understand the wind energy resources of the place of residence, to determine whether the local conditions of wind power.
    2. Consideration should be given to the amount of electricity used to determine the power of the wind turbine. Must meet the rated power.
    3. Rational use of batteries, to take into account its capacity problems. Capacity is small, in the quiet period will be interrupted power supply, large capacity, one is not economic, and second, the battery charge is less than electricity, will greatly reduce the battery life.
    4. Reasonable use of AC power inverter. The capacity of the purchased inverter power supply should be 10% to 20% higher than the rated power of the wind turbine.


    magnet wind driven generator