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How small wind turbine design to achieve stable output

Dec 30, 2017

Nowadays people pay more attention to is the development of new energy for the ecological benefits, such as wind, solar, tidal power, hydropower, etc.Because wind power is clean and pollution-free, short construction period, flexible investment, less land, has good economic benefit and social benefit and attracted much attention.So like small wind turbine to how to realize the stable output power?

Due to the small wind turbine does not need to be connected to the grid, so it's the system output must changes with the change of the load;The wind again there is a certain randomness and uncertainty, so the change of the load will greatly increase the complexity of the system.

That is to say, small wind turbine in wind speed and load as the input is changing, so the system should adapt to wind speed changes through adjusting, meet the needs of the load, and make the whole system running in safety within reasonable bounds.

In order to meet the small wind turbine system control requirements, in its internal adopted including wind machine, three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator, bridge rectifier, DC/DC converter, battery, inverter, driver circuit part and control system, etc.

The wind turbine driven permanent magnet synchronous generators, the alternating current (ac) made by after rectification for battery charging or supply load;And the inverter will battery or chopper output direct current into alternating current (ac) for the use of the load.In addition, DC/DC converter is used to change the load characteristics of small wind turbine for its protection.

This design is realized with small wind turbine and charge and discharge integrated control of load tracking in order to adapt to the wind speed changes, and meet the needs of the load, and make the whole system running in safety within reasonable bounds, guarantee the stability of wind turbine output power.