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How is the foundation for the 1000 w small wind generator set?

Sep 07, 2018

In order to install a 1000 w small wind generator, a solid foundation should be laid. Firstly, the square pit with a length of 500mm x width of 500mm x depth of 500mm or a square pit with a length of 1000mm x width of 1,000mm x depth of 1,500mm should be excavated in the center of the site.


Then, A square pit of the required size is dug around A, B, C and D with A distance of 5000mm apart, and the diagonal connection is vertically intersected in the center of the square pit. At the same time, it is necessary to set the distance between the cable anchor and the center according to the height of 1000w small wind generator tower. Generally, the distance between the ground anchor and the center of the nine-meter tower is 5-7 meters.


Next, screw one nut on each of the four anchors to the bottom, then screw another nut on the base, align two diagonal pits on the axis of the pin hole, and swing the base and pour concrete at a position 40-50mm above the ground, and finally adjust the base level. Then handheld guy anchor at the top, along the square hole lateral edge will anchor inclined into the pit, to put a piece of rock bottom pressure anchor, and then pouring concrete, and then put on the stones, and placing of concrete, alternately until filled square hole, finally anchor ring tends to the middle of the field and 60 ° Angle directly with the horizontal plane.


Finally, with a ground anchor in hand, concrete is poured into the pit until the top ring is exposed. The curing period of concrete is usually 100 hours. Therefore, do not install the small wind generator of 1000 w during the curing period, and make sure the foundation is firm.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/