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How can solar panels and wind turbines suppress vortex-induced vibration?

May 30, 2018

In wind farms, solar panels and wind turbines, there is a clear rule that the cabin must be hoisted that day after the top section of the tower drum is hoisted. The reason for this is related to the vortex-excited vibration of the device. In order to prevent it from happening, some means are needed.

First in solar panels and wind turbines are installed on the tower drum disturbed flow, main is to want to is in the turbulence on the tower drum by adding the disturb to the path of the wind, make its can't form a stable vortex frequency. Most of the spoiler strips are made of a series of triangular-shaped columns made of plastic foam.

Next, the installation of dampers can also inhibit the solar panels and wind turbine occur vortex-induced vibration, as tuned mass, pendulum using the inertial force in the opposite direction can significantly inhibit the response of the tower drum vibration amplitude. It should be noted that the quality and length of the pendulum depend on the quality and rigidity of the tower drum itself to ensure the ideal effect.

In solar panels and wind turbines on the use of cable wind rope is damaged by means of applying force on both sides of the tower drum aerodynamic force, and limit the displacement amplitude of initial rock tower drum, thus unable to produce the rigid body under the free state of vortex-induced thus suppressing shimmy.

Of course, when solar panels and wind turbines are hoisted, the engine room, generators and impeller can also be installed to suppress vortex-induced vibration. Or shut door tower drum, can make the vortex-induced vibration is not increase, because when the tower bottom closure, due to the liquidity and incompressibility air itself, can have the effect of the damper is inside the tower drum, which would reduce the vibration amplitude of the tower drum.

But when the tower bottom department opens, solar panels and wind turbine tower drum internal composed of air damper has lost effect, thus unable to reduce the vibration amplitude of the tower drum, and the external and internal circulation flow in the superposition of eddy current effect, amplifying the tower drum vibration amplitude.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/