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Horizontal wind turbine use precautions

Sep 11, 2017

As a user, we need to pay close attention to the level of wind turbine operation. If you find any unusual circumstances, you need to take timely measures to deal with. Such as the discovery of the motor running during the jitter problem, you need to immediately shut down the equipment to check.

When the level of wind turbines in high-speed operation of the state, the staff should pay attention to safety protection. It is important to note that it is not possible to stand in the direction of the plane of rotation of the wind wheel to prevent accidental accidents. In addition, the battery used should be kept dry and clean, not placed in the battery above the metal objects, so as not to cause a short circuit.

In daily work, the staff should place the required items in the right place, such as not the electrical box negative pole and single with the inverter placed together, or may cause a short circuit. As for the horizontal wind turbine used in the inverter power supply, should be required to operate.

Need to remind everyone that the use of horizontal wind turbines in the process, there may be encountered in the windy weather. And due to the impact of wind, cable tight line may produce a certain loose, so after each encounter a strong wind, should be promptly checked and adjusted.


In addition, the user must also ensure that the wiring is reasonable, with particular attention to the horizontal wind turbine should be a separate wiring, not with other lines mixed together. When wiring the electrical box, it is necessary to connect the battery first, and then connect the generator output line. In the split should be the first to lift the generator output line, and then disconnect the battery wiring.

Finally, the user must ensure that the horizontal wind turbine is not used in no-load conditions, otherwise it may cause damage to the blade due to high-speed rotation.