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Horizontal Wind Turbine Advantages

Sep 09, 2017

In practice, in fact, the level of wind turbine has a lot of advantages. First of all, its structural design is relatively simple, and the use of a more mature technology of the slurry structure, the entire structure does not exist in the complex activities of mechanical parts. So in the latter part of the use of the process, basically do not need to carry out additional maintenance, and the level of wind turbines are rarely fault.

Second, from its various components to analyze, horizontal wind turbine components used in the general are the standard GB, so the purchase of accessories more convenient. Third, the equipment in the course of work, the main use of three-phase transmission slip ring conductive, so do not worry about the emergence of torsion cable phenomenon. From its work efficiency, at least 90%, wind energy utilization coefficient of 42%.

Fourth, the level of wind turbine life is longer, it is because in the structural design, the use of the bearings are special, which can avoid a lot of jitter and vibration problems. In this way, it is equivalent to extend its service life.


The fifth point is that the level of wind turbine generator is a relatively simple control, so to ensure a higher efficiency. This is very beneficial for the user. Which is mainly used to automatically wind the way, but also very reasonable application of the aerodynamic design. For this reason, it can make it beyond the safe wind speed, can automatically turn the wind wheel 90 degrees, so you can avoid the positive wind.

Therefore, this can be a long time to maintain the level of wind turbine safety wind speed range, the security is very good. In addition, the tail rudder plate of the device uses a patented rotary shaft working mode, so even if the control system fails, it can also use its own shaft mechanism, can continue to maintain the normal operation of the state.

In general, horizontal wind turbines are not only simple and reliable, but also have a long service life, can save a lot of cost for the user.