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he Difference between Permanent Magnet Generator and Ordinary Generator

May 25, 2017

With the rapid development of modern society, people on the generator for further research and learning, invented the permanent magnet generator. Today and we talk about the difference between permanent magnet generators and ordinary generators.


wind driven generator

     Ordinary generator power generation is small, the working state is not stable, energy consumption, low energy conversion, short life, can not be stable for a long time power supply.
     The current permanent magnet generator, only a small boot power, do not rely on any charge to support the case, you can drive the car to move down for a long time. Permanent magnet drive power generation technology can not only be applied to the automotive and construction machinery, but also can be used to mass storage and complete micro-energy consumption, zero pollution, navigation, aviation and other fields, will bring a completely innovative human energy revolution.
      Compared to ordinary generators, permanent magnet-driven generator working condition is stable, energy consumption is small, power conversion rate is high, more importantly, can be long-term stable power supply!


Permanent Magnets Generator