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H vertical axis wind turbine of theoretical knowledge and practical effect

Nov 01, 2017

In the 1990 s, our country's independent power supply system mainly through the horizontal axis wind turbines and solar pv systems to the supply of electric power, communication base stations, border posts, island forces special occasions such as electricity demand, at this time the wind turbine is part of the army logistics support system.

After a certain time of application, horizontal axis wind turbine presents some problems, such as equipment was badly damaged during the typhoon;Noise;Interference with communication equipment, makes certain equipment unable to function properly, and so on, for normal communication.

In order to solve these problems, after a certain time of the survey and research, directly introduced H vertical axis wind turbine design.The wind turbine is to use an air hole mechanics principle for power generation, the vertical shaft rotating wind tunnel simulation of blade chose the plane wing shape, the rotor rotates, it will not be changed due to deformation efficiency, etc.

H vertical axis wind turbines with a vertical straight line 4-5 of blade Angle from 4 or 5 Angle of locating, connecting, blade wheel hub connecting rod in the shape of wind turbines, the turbine drives the rare earth permanent magnet generator power to the controller to control, used in electric power distribution load.

With solid theoretical foundation, H type vertical axis wind turbines have been successfully developed quickly, but also has installed the trial is successful, the basic data and practical experience.Passed the test, H vertical axis wind turbine has reached the design requirements.

The same is in force application, H vertical axis wind turbines and scenery complementary system more perfect, not only overcome the problems before, and more stable operation, power generation, is of great significance.