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Grid wind generator controller is upgraded

Oct 19, 2017

Automatic wind turbine grid, after the success has been its important parts - controller upgrade improvement, only controller is improved, the operation of the grid wind turbine can also get obvious promotion effect. For now on, grid wind turbine control into what kind?

After improvement after a lot of, want to be in the interconnection of wind generator controller not only reliable, and the function is perfect, won the user's wide recognition .It is worth mentioning that the grid wind turbine control among them, also used by more and more advanced technology, make the wind turbine control becomes more intelligent.


Grid wind turbine controller, for example, by the original LED display updates for LCD display, on the one hand, to prevent more intuitive to graphics display controller working condition; On the other hand also can present a more abundant, according to data including the real-time voltage, current, wind generator panels voltage, current, dc output voltage, current, total output, etc.

Grid wind turbine controller adopts the modbus communication protocol at the same time, in order to facilitate customer for secondary development;In addition, it can be through the rs485 interface to adjust the technical parameters of the controller, convenient and professional customers for different wind turbines.

In addition, the advanced grid wind turbine controller also support WIFI and GPRS, customers can through the PC or mobile real-time monitoring the working state of the grid wind power generation system, also can query the history working condition. Mobile terminal system compatible with android and apple.