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General requirements for the use of residential vertical wind turbines.

May 04, 2018

The residential vertical wind turbine is mainly used for small wind turbines, which are used for storage of batteries, and the household appliances are supplied by the battery. Therefore, the general principle of electricity is that the battery can be discharged in time by the residential vertical wind generator.

That is to say, the amount of electricity charged into the battery is roughly equal to the amount of electricity consumed. , for example, a residential vertical rated wind speed of wind turbine output power is 100 w, at the same time assume that one day is equal to the rated wind speed of wind blew the region hours continuously for 4 h, then the housing vertical wind generator output and storage to the energy in the battery to 400 wh.

Considering that the conversion efficiency of lead accumulator is 70%, the calculation shows that the energy of the user is 280Wh. If the appliance used by the user has 4h power consumption of 120Wh115W bulbs; Use 3h power consumption of 105WhZ35W TV set; The total energy consumption is 285Wh, with 4h power consumption of 60Wh315W recorder.

It is clear that household appliances can provide more than 5Wh of energy per day compared with residential vertical wind turbines. In this way, the battery will work in a state of loss. If it is used for a long time, it will damage the battery of the residential vertical wind generator and shorten its service life.

If housing vertical wind turbines under rated wind speed of blow electricity situation, but in fact due to the variability of the wind, intermittent, both the size of the different wind, and blew the different length of time, so when using electrical appliances to do when the wind is good can be appropriately more electricity, less electricity when wind conditions is poor.

Vertical wind turbines to the normal power supply to ensure residence, conditional region and the user can prepare a kilowatt diesel generating set, when the wind differential housing under the condition of vertical wind turbines can't power, it can be added to battery charging, do uninterrupted power supply, battery household appliances can be normal use.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/