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Garden Lighting Wind Turbines Solar panels generate electricity

Feb 07, 2018

Garden lighting Wind turbines Solar panels usually have two different power generation methods, namely light - thermoelectric conversion and light - electricity direct conversion, the two methods of the process is different, so the use of the operating conditions are also different.


The first is the light - thermoelectric conversion method, the courtyard lighting wind turbine solar panels by using solar radiation to generate heat, usually by solar collectors will be absorbed by the heat into the working fluid vapor, and then drive the steam turbine Power generation.


It can be seen that its previous process is the light - heat conversion process; the latter process is the heat - electricity conversion process, and the same as ordinary thermal power. This kind of power generation method needs a lot of costs, but its efficiency is not high, so it is suitable for small-scale special occasions, and large-scale utilization is economically not worthwhile.


However, the light-electricity direct conversion method of the garden lighting wind turbine solar panel utilizes the photoelectric effect to directly convert the solar radiation energy into electric energy. The basic device of the light-electricity conversion is the solar panel, which is a solar photovoltaic panel, Effect and the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy devices.


In fact, the courtyard lighting wind turbine solar panel is a semiconductor photodiode, when the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode will be the sun's light into electricity, generating electricity. When many batteries in series or in parallel can become a relatively large output power of the solar square.


Compared to other similar devices, the courtyard lighting wind turbine solar panels is a promising new power supply, with three advantages of permanence, cleanliness and flexibility. As long as the sun exists, the solar cell can be used for an investment for a long time.