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Features of distributed small wind turbines

May 25, 2019

With the development of society and economy, traditional energy sources are decreasing. Now, new energy and sustainable development are becoming hot topics in global discussion. As a non-polluting and renewable new energy source, wind energy has great potential for development, especially for coastal islands, fishing rafts, remote mountainous areas with inaccessible traffic, sparsely populated grassland pastures, and remote grids and the recent grid. The rural and frontiers that are reached are of great significance as a reliable way to solve the energy of production and living.


The distributed small wind turbine uses hybrid power, combined with distributed wind power and solar energy, two green and renewable energy sources to provide stable and uninterrupted energy. The system can be used 24 hours a day. The generator adopts the inlaid structure of the hub and the blade. In the high wind environment, the wind blade is not easy to break and fly off, ensuring the safety of the fan. At the same time, wind turbines are designed with low vibration, low noise and low maintenance.


Small wind turbines are widely used in road construction, high-speed road video surveillance, etc. Whether it is distributed wind power generation, wind-solar hybrid power generation, or photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system, it is a new energy independent power supply system, green low carbon, energy saving In some areas, some regions are also subject to government subsidies and subsidies.www.titanwindturbine.com