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Farmers are choosing to install small household wind turbines.

Apr 21, 2018

Small household wind generators have played a crucial role in solving the electricity consumption of farmers, making them the first choice for farmers. But what are the specific issues to consider when buying and installing small home wind turbines?

When buying a small home wind generator, the first thing to know about the location of wind power is to determine whether local wind power is available for purchase. At the same time, the power of the wind turbine should be determined according to the user's comprehensive consideration.

Of course with reasonable and battery using straight - ac inverter power supply is also a small home wind turbines are factors to consider when the choose and buy, when selling the general unit including batteries, battery is higher, the cost of a user battery when the choose and buy must consider its capacity, the capacity of the battery to choose small and big will produce adverse effects.

When installing small household wind turbines, farmers need no barriers around them if they are installed outdoors. The wind is better; Hard soil; In the case of meeting the above requirements, it is necessary to approach the user's accommodation as far as possible so as to reduce the loss of line and save the conductor.

If a small household wind generator is installed indoors, the layout should be reasonable. Power controller, straight - ac inverter power supply should be placed in an easy to observe position; The battery should be kept in a safe place to ensure safety and maintenance.

In daily use, we should always pay attention to the operation of small household wind turbines, and find out that there are abnormal noises and violent vibration to adjust and repair in time. Also keep in mind that every three months you have to do a lubrication service.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/