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Excellent technical means for vertical wind turbines

Nov 23, 2018

There is a vertical wind turbine with a windshield, a solid structure and stable operation. It is arranged by the windshield assembly, and the windshield is always facing the wind under the action of the wind to the tail rudder. After the wind passes through the hood, the wind speed is increased and the wind energy gathers. The vertical wind turbine behind the hood will always work at a higher wind energy density. This technical means is difficult to achieve with horizontal wind turbines.


Vertical wind turbines can achieve normal wind power generation. Through intelligent gradient control, wind turbines can be fully loaded at various wind speeds, greatly improving wind energy utilization. The blade it is equipped with is also very unique. It is a freely oscillating fan blade composed of a center sleeve, a blade support, a stand and a blade combination.


The blades of the vertical wind turbine are rectangular arc panel-shaped blades, and the arched back of one end is connected by a hinge and a vertical frame. It is characterized by large wind area, strong support, light and flexible starting, freely swinging, folding and expanding, reducing the resistance. It is installed on the vertical wind turbine and matched with the rotor shell, which can make full use of the wind in all directions. It can also play a role in inland areas where wind power is small.


The vertical wind turbine has reasonable design, compact structure and light rotation. The wind blade can swing freely in the direction of wind blowing. The starting wind speed is low, the power is large, the resistance is small, the wind energy utilization rate is high, the power generation effect is good, and the application range is wide. The operating cost is low, the economic benefit is high, and the intended purpose is well achieved.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/