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Excellent technical level of 200 w wind turbine

Sep 06, 2018

An advanced rectifier and controller are used in the 200 w wind turbine. Based on the controller, the microprocessor can adjust the voltage, track the peak power, and operate quietly. In the case of high wind, it can also stall control. It also ensures low temperature and efficient operation. 


The 200 w wind turbine is equipped with a more efficient alternator that complements the peak power tracking capability of the control element. Rotor blade adopts efficient and real wing design. The precision injection molding process is used to make the blades more rigid. 


The 200 w wind turbine control line has a lag effect, once the battery is full, the turbine can be in a quiet adjustment mode. When the battery voltage is slightly below the voltage at which it is fully charged, the turbine starts generating again. The 200 w wind turbine body is manufactured by a precision casting process, which not only improves the applicability, but also makes it stronger and more durablehttp://www.titanwindturbine.com/