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Effective Measures to Improve the Power of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator

Jul 03, 2017

The same is true for wind power equipment, but it is clear that the development of vertical axis wind turbines without horizontal axis wind turbines is so smooth, mainly because its function is still relatively limited. When the horizontal axis wind turbine has been developed to the megawatt level, the vertical axis wind turbine is still in kilowatts. How can we change this situation and improve the power of vertical axis wind turbines?

In fact, it is not impossible to improve the function of the vertical axis wind turbine. Imagine that the difference between it and the horizontal axis wind turbine is not the less important part of the gearbox and the large diameter impeller? If you can also in the vertical axis of the wind turbine to add such parts, not to solve the problem?

In the design process of traditional wind turbines, an important parameter has been neglected, that is, the leverage effect of fan blades. In general, the calculation of wind power only calculates the air flow, but never takes into account the blade angle that can produce the leverage effect on the wind magnification.

If the vertical shaft wind turbine increases the impeller diameter, it is equivalent to the length of the connecting rod of the supporting blade is lengthened. As a result, the impeller speed becomes slower, but the torque of the shaft is doubled and the power is naturally A certain degree of improvement.

And then refer to the horizontal axis of the wind turbine as well as the vertical axis of the wind turbine to add a gearbox, but only so the transformation is not enough, so that the vertical axis wind turbine wind resistance is very poor, it is easy to suffer in strong winds, Equipment can not work for a long time.

It seems that this transformation can not fundamentally solve the problem of small vertical wind turbine generator conditions, which can be designed as variable wing vertical axis wind turbine, through the computer control of the blade in the low wind speed environment will be completely Start, encounter strong winds using contraction blades to achieve the purpose of protecting wind turbines.

It turns out that the blades of this vertical axis wind turbine are fully expanded and the impeller diameter is very large. Based on the lever principle, it is possible to transmit the wind force several times to the center drive shaft. On this basis, only a group of planetary gears Get high torque torque output. When the wind exceeds the safety limit, you can shrink the blade, reduce the impact of wind on the fan, the power increased at the same time more secure.

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