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Distributed wind power programme features

Feb 28, 2017

1. environmental adaptability, both, mountains, Islands, remote areas still, as long as the wind reaches a certain conditions, works for user terminal power supply.

2. distributed wind power station in the system independent of each other, because the user can control does not occur in large-scale blackouts, high security and reliability.

3. distributed wind power can make up for the lack of safety and stability of power system, power when the accidents occurred, has become an important and indispensable complement centralized power supply.

4. quality and performance monitoring in real time to regional power, is ideal for rural and pastoral areas, mountain areas and in the development of medium and small urban or downtown residents power supply, can greatly reduce the environmental pressure.

5. transmission and distribution losses are low, or no, no need to build power distribution stations, to reduce or avoid additional transmission and distribution costs, while construction and installation cost is low.

6. can meet the needs of special occasions, such as important meetings or celebrations (hot standby) Mobile distributed generation.

7. peak performance, simple operation, less involvement in running the system, start and stop quickly, easy to implement automatic.