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Different types of sensors in a 300 w small wind turbine

Feb 13, 2019

If there is no sensor, regardless of the security will not only reduce the wind power generator, and operating costs will also increase, more unable to accurately predict and solve the potential failure, so they may shorten the life expectancy of 300 w small wind turbines, too, so 300 w small wind turbines by sensors are needed to provide accurate data.

There are many different types of electronic and optical sensors in a 300 w small wind turbine. In general, they have parameter information about detection, monitoring, and interaction; Monitoring the level of horizontal vibration; Monitor temperature, pressure and mechanical stress changes.


In a small wind turbine of 300 w, the eddy current sensor is used to measure the clearance of the shaft to ensure that the shaft under pressure is always covered with oil film to ensure lubrication. Various displacement sensors are also used to monitor structural integrity,


Another sensor used for accurate displacement measurement is the capacitive displacement sensor, which is used to measure the distance between the stator and rotor of a generator.


The wind speed sensor is mounted on the top of the cabin of a 300w small wind turbine. It can be a mechanical wind speed sensor or an ultrasonic wind speed sensor. Because ultrasonic wind speed sensors do not need to be recalibrated every time, they are increasingly used in situations where field maintenance is difficult.www.titanwindturbine.com