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Development and characteristics of power generation technology for small wind turbines.

Mar 23, 2018

Wind energy is a very important and huge reserves of energy, safe, clean, abundant, it can provide an endless supply, stable energy, so the use of wind power has become the main form of wind energy, small wind turbine can also complete the power generation process.

Wind power has three operation modes, one is the independent operation modes, is from the small wind turbine to a family or several families provide electricity, it USES battery energy storage, in order to make sure there is no wind when the electricity; The second is the combination of small wind turbines and other power generation equipment to power a unit or a village or an island.

In addition, small wind turbine can also be incorporated into the conventional power grid operation, supply power to the power grid, is often a wind farm installed tens or even hundreds of small wind turbine, it is the main development direction of wind power.

As the main component of the wind power system, the small wind generator set is developing to the variable slurry range adjustment technology and the variable speed constant frequency. The main reason is that the wind turbine is much smaller than other wind turbines, which can reduce the utilization of materials and reduce the overall weight. It also enables the blade to maintain a good Angle of attack and is suitable for installation in areas with low average wind speed.

When the wind speed reaches a certain value, the variable range small wind power generator can gradually change to an unloaded full-wing mode position, avoid stopping and increase the generating capacity of the wind turbine. And variable speed constant frequency wind generating set small often adopt ac excitation doubly-fed generator, can not only by controlling the ac excitation amplitude, phase and frequency to realize variable speed constant frequency, can also realize the active and reactive power control, for the grid can also ACTS as reactive power compensation.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/