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Detection of three sets of current circuits in solar panels and wind turbines.

May 08, 2018

The solar panels and wind turbine components consist of three sets of current circuits, which are battery charging circuit, dc load discharge circuit and ac circuit. After it is properly connected, the circuits need to be tested to make sure that the solar panels and wind turbines can be combined effectively and with as much power as possible.

In the first place, the solar panel and the wind power generating unit can be connected to the terminals by polarity. As long as the light is on, the discharge circuit of the accumulator is normal. Under normal conditions of the discharge circuit, the charging power supply is also connected with the polarity and terminal, and the charging indicator light indicates that the charging control is normal.

Next, want to reasonable control of solar panels and wind turbines communication switching, there will be a sine wave inverter ac output waveform, otherwise not normal in ac switch to cut off the inverter ac, will cause the inverter failure. At this time the controller output 12 v dc power supply by the outside of the 12 v / 220 vac after inverter ac 220 v and 220 v mains power supply ac power through communication terminals respectively to the solar power supply system controller of ac power switch module. When the battery voltage is normal, the ac output switch is in the inverter communication; When the battery voltage is over, the ac output switches to the city power communication, and the 12V dc output is turned off.

In the actual application process, the solar panel and the wind turbine must be connected in accordance with the requirements. The wiring sequence is to connect the battery first, then the solar panel, and finally the connection load; After the battery is connected normally, the work indicator light will be on before the next step can be carried out.

For solar panels and wind turbines, the power configuration of the battery, solar cell, load and inverter should be matched, and the rated operating voltage should be consistent. And the wiring of the battery, load and solar cell to the controller should be selected according to the load power, as thick as possible.

Moreover, solar panels and wind turbine controller used in the system as much as possible close to the battery is placed, it can better control the circuit, thus reducing all kinds of bad factors may have negative impact on the system.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/