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Design scheme for each component of 500 w wind turbine

Nov 13, 2018

The 500 w wind turbine mainly consists of a wind wheel, a generator, a rotating body, a speed governing mechanism, a steering mechanism, a brake mechanism and a tower. It adopts imported -40 degree low temperature resistant bearing, which is suitable for use in alpine regions and has a longer service life.


500 w wind turbine does not use recycled aluminum, use Guangxi Pingguo original aluminum, no impurities, higher hardness; the whole machine uses Taiwan Dongming 304 stainless steel screws, quality assurance, no rust and break, improve wind turbine durability And life expectancy.


The unique patented design of the 500 w wind turbine blades and wheels is inlaid and connected, and the two can be tightly connected without the aid of screws. The blades will not fly off and effectively ensure safety. In addition, its nylon glass fiber composite high-strength blade, resistant to -40 degrees low temperature does not break, anti-UV ultraviolet aging, longer life; blade wind resistance is stronger, reduce noise.


In addition, the 500 W wind turbine is also free from the traditional circular motor design, the innovation uses a unique square design, the overall appearance is more in line with the modern industrial design concept. There is no exposed screw connection position to affect the appearance, abandon the traditional simple screw force connection, innovative patented design, the motor and the main body are embedded, so that the overall force of the motor and the blade are evenly distributed on the circular mosaic surface of the fuselage. Improve safety and beauty.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/