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Design of each component in a small wind turbine

Mar 18, 2019

Design of each component in a small wind turbine

With the emphasis on environmental protection and the global warming effect over time, countries are competing to develop technologies for renewable energy, including wind energy, and to make wind energy an important part of sustainable energy policies, regardless of grid-connected type. Large wind turbines and off-grid small wind turbines for farmers and herdsmen in marginal areas have given great policy support.


The main components of small wind turbines include wind turbines, generators, revolving bodies, shrouds, guards, flanges, tail rods and tail fins, inverter controllers, poles and accessories. The wind wheel is composed of three blades, made of FRP, whose main function is to convert wind energy into mechanical energy. The generators of small wind turbines use high-performance permanent magnet materials and special magnetic circuit structures, and the utilization rate of wind energy is as high as 50% or more.


Due to the small size and small friction coefficient of the small wind turbine, the energy consumption of the motor itself is 20% lower than that of the conventional motor, and the energy consumption is very low. The shroud and shroud mainly protect the motor, reduce the resistance of the wind and help the heat dissipation of the motor. They are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The super-strong sealing performance of the motor functions as waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, sand-proof and salt-proof. The rotating body is connected with the bracket and the bracket cover, and the impeller, the motor, the tail rod and the tail wing are connected into one body; the flange is fixed to the wind blade, and the material is high-strength stainless steel.  www.titanwindturbine.com