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Design of contractile mechanism of contractible vertical axis wind generator

Jun 20, 2018

The wind turbines used in ships are different from those used on land. In addition to generating electricity, they should not hinder the navigation of ships. For this reason, we specially design a kind of retractable vertical axis wind generator which makes full use of Marine wind energy and has unique performance.

When a ship is docked on the shore or at rest on the sea, it can generate electricity from the ship's vertical axis wind turbines. When the ship is moving, if the wind turbine is still generating electricity, it will increase the resistance of the ship and consume energy. At this time, the fan needs to be shrunk.

The wind turbine device of this retractable vertical shaft wind generator is located on the upper part of the rotating shaft, which is mainly composed of main shaft components, supporting wings, blades and other components. Wind turbines device is made up of three straight airfoil blade with each other into 120 °, uniformly distributed in the steel structure of the spindle radial peripheral.

And it leaves connected by upper and lower double pole parallelogram structure, and with inclined support bar support, leaf folded up and open the parallelogram structure can guarantee work must be kept vertical, inclined support bar supporting role, is mainly used to support the weight of the whole turbine unit.

Due to the ship need to reduce the resistance in the process of driving, vertical axis wind turbines using slider-crank mechanism in the contraction of the crank is using parallelogram spokes of four-bar linkage, the slider movement up and down on the supporting shaft, thereby giving impetus to the spokes of inclined support bar will join blade hold up to level.

A retractable vertical axis wind turbine works by rotating the entire wind wheel around the rotating shaft. When it needs to make the wind wheel shrink, it needs to use a contractile device to achieve this function.