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Design of a small wind turbine

Mar 16, 2018

Behind a small wind turbine, a rear wing is usually designed. It has a direct impact on the operation of the unit, so do not overlook the unique design of this part. What role can the rear wing play for small wind turbines?


Actually, the rear wing of the small wind turbine is mainly used for steering. If the wind direction and wind direction of the fan impeller are not perpendicular, the airflow velocity on both sides of the tail rotor is not the same and the air pressure is not the same, so the pressure difference force Under the effect of this, the wind turbine can be turned so that its sweeping surface is facing the direction of the incoming wind, so that the unit can always maintain a high efficiency.


However, large-scale wind turbines are not allowed to adopt such a method because the mass of the mainframe is quite large. If it is to rely on differential pressure to steer, the area of this tail must be very large, so they are driven by a motor. Instead of tail tuning.


When the wind blows, if the rear wing of the small wind turbine has an angle with the wind direction, it will receive a tangential force and push the wind turbine to rotate around the tower until the angle with the wind direction is 0. To automatically adapt to the wind direction.


It is with this rear wing design that small wind turbines can maximize the use of wind power for wind power purposes. The wind direction can be measured by the wind speed and direction indicator on both sides of the tail of a small wind turbine generator to better control the operation of the turbine. http://www.titanwindturbine.com