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Design of 1000 w small wind turbine for household and aquaculture

Oct 26, 2018

1000 w small wind turbine can be used for home and aquaculture. Its stator adopts advanced magnetic circuit design structure, which effectively reduces the resistance torque and noise of the generator. The rotor adopts 8-pole structure and the magnetic steel uses high-performance ferroniobium. Strong boron magnet. Both the stator and the rotor are made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheets with high magnetic permeability and small secondary eddy current.


It can be intuitively seen that the outer structure of the 1000 w small wind turbine is reasonable in design, with superior heat dissipation performance, waterproof intrusion performance and safe running performance. The shell is formed by aluminum alloy die-casting, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and beautiful appearance.


The electric slip rings of 1000 w small wind turbines are all made of small fan-specific electric slip rings, which are reliable and durable, and the failure rate is extremely low. The screening of its components also strictly follows the high quality principle, ensuring the superior performance of the products. Longevity.


The design of the blade shape of the 1000 w small wind turbine has good aerodynamic performance; the material is made of high quality FRP material with light weight and high toughness. The empennage is designed with a side-to-side structure to ensure safe operation of the fan in high winds. In addition, the entire equipment can achieve high maintenance-free performance, long service life and high return on investment.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/