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Design method of the best small wind turbine shaft

Apr 03, 2019

The best small wind turbine is mainly composed of a wind wheel, a generator, a rotating body, a speed regulating mechanism, an adjusting mechanism, a braking mechanism and a tower. Its shaft has different design methods. The blade design of the horizontal axis wind turbine is usually used as the theory of momentum leaf element. Although the simplified design of the blade shape is small, it has a great influence on the wind energy utilization of the wind turbine. At the same time, the interference between the blades of the wind turbine is very strong and the entire flow is very complicated. If you rely solely on the theory of leaf elements, you will not get accurate results.

 The blade design of the vertical axis of the best small wind turbine is also designed according to the design method of the horizontal axis. Since the vertical axis wind turbine is more complex than the horizontal axis, it is a typical large point from unstable flow, theoretical analysis, design, and vertical axis wind turbines have important reasons for long-term development.

During the one-rotation process of the horizontal axis wind turbine blade, the direction of the inertial force changes at any time by the combined action of inertial force and gravity, and the direction of gravity is the gravity constant. The blade is a cyclic load because the fatigue strength of the blade is very poor. . In addition, the horizontal axis of the generator is located at a height of several tens of meters, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the installation, maintenance and overhaul of the generator.

Small wind turbine equipment The blades of the vertical axis wind turbine are superior to the horizontal axis in the process of rotating force. Because the force of inertial force and gravity direction is constant, the fatigue life is better than that of the horizontal axis wind turbine. At the same time, the vertical axis generator can be placed on the bottom or surface of the rotor for easy installation and maintenance.www.titanwindturbine.com