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Control requirements for small wind turbines operating independently

May 12, 2019

Because small-scale wind turbines that operate independently do not need grid-connected power generation, the system output must change with the load. Because of the randomness and instability of wind energy and the change of load, the complexity of the system is greatly increased. Keep the output of the small wind turbine system within a reasonable range. Wind speed and load as input in a small independent wind power system are constantly changing, so the system should be adjusted to adapt to wind speed changes, meet load requirements, and operate the entire system within a safe and reasonable range.


The battery is the weakest part of the whole wind power system and the operation cycle is short, so the control of the small wind turbine system should be able to track the maximum power; the output power of the small wind turbine is matched with the load power; the battery is properly charged to prevent Overcharge or over discharge.


Small wind turbines realize load tracking and charge and discharge integrated control, which mainly includes wind turbines, three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generators, bridge rectifiers, DC/DC converters, batteries, inverters, drive circuits and control systems. Components. The wind turbine drives the permanent magnet synchronous generator to generate electricity, and the alternating current generated is rectified to charge or supply the load to the battery; the inverter converts the direct current output from the battery or the chopper into alternating current for the load; the DC/DC converter is used to change The load characteristics of the wind turbine, regulating the output power of the generator and controlling the charge and discharge of the battery; the unloading load is used to protect the small wind turbine.www.titanwindturbine.com