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Connection of 500 w wind generator and inverter

Jun 19, 2018

500 w wind generator belongs to small wind generator, it has the advantages of small volume, high precision load, light weight, reasonable structure, beautiful and generous. Its blade profile is designed with patented technology curve and has good aerodynamic performance. The material is made of high quality fiberglass, which has the characteristics of early start, strong wind resistance and high efficiency.

Not only that, 500 w wind generator inverter adopts chip control pulse width modulation voltage output with automatic protection function, makes the machine configuration is good reliable performance, strong and durable, beautiful and easy, is the lack of electricity and model choice without electricity.

Key to highlight the inverter with 500 w wind generator in three wire connection way, cannot use direct connection, mainly because of wind generator provides the voltage is unstable, and the inverter voltage requirements need to provide is stable.

After reasonable connection and configuration, 500 w wind turbines not only have low starting wind speed and high wind energy utilization rate, but also increase annual power generation. In addition, the wind wheel and generator have better matching characteristics, and the reliability of the unit operation satisfies the demand of electricity consumption in different fields.