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Conditions for the use of small wind turbines.

May 03, 2018

Compared with conventional wind turbines, the use conditions of small wind turbine generators are more stringent, which usually requires the annual 3-20m/ effective wind speed accumulation of over 3000h. The annual 3-20m/ average effective wind density l00W/m squared above. Therefore, when using a wind turbine, the use of small wind power generators should generally be used in areas with abundant wind resources.

But even if the above can meet the use conditions, the annual average wind speed in more than 3 m /, the use of small wind turbine to accomplish know fairly well, to prevent blindness, such ability make full use of local wind resources, maximize the efficiency of wind turbines, to achieve higher economic benefits.

As far as possible, it is best to select a small wind turbine generator with rated wind speed and local optimum design wind speed. If this can be done, whether it is from the choice of wind turbines or the economic significance of using wind resources, it is of great significance.

Through the wind tunnel test, it is proved that the conversion power of wind turbine of small wind turbine is directly proportional to the vertical direction of wind speed, that is to say, wind speed has the greatest influence on power. For example, the local optimal design wind speed is 6 m/area, plant a nominal design wind speed is 8 m/small wind turbine components, the results of its rated output power is only 42% of the original design output power.

In other words, the rated output power of the small wind turbine is 58% lower than the design value. If the rated design wind speed of the selected wind turbine is higher, the effect of the rated power output is not ideal. But it must be pointed out that small wind turbine rated design wind speed is low, the rotor diameter, motor relative to increase, the cost of the whole machine also increases accordingly, from the consideration on the manufacturing and product economic significance is not worthwhile.

So, the selection of small wind turbine main have to combined with the actual conditions, only two matches, the function of small wind turbine to get into full play, and then the utilization ratio of energy but also the biggest.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/