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Characteristics of small wind turbine system and how to maintain it

Sep 22, 2017

[overview] small wind turbines, one of the wind turbines, can be used in any other way, except in the home. And what are the relevant issues that we don't yet know and have to solve? These questions, since they are presented, will be explained and answered immediately, to dispel doubts and to deepen their familiarity.

Wind power flow chart.png

1. Small wind turbines, which can be used in the family and other applications?

The application of small wind turbines can be used in the following areas or fields in addition to home and abroad:

Domain 1: small hydropower generation for the use of integrated technology

Area 2: photovoltaic power generation on the user side, small optical storage and other complementary power generation.

Field 3: industrial waste heat residual gas power generation.

2. What are the applications and characteristics of distributed wind power systems in small wind turbines?

Small wind turbines, the concrete application of distributed wind power generation system, in general, for the countryside, mountain and pastoral areas, and small city or nearby, to solve the user's needs. And its characteristics are:

(1) it has a good overload capacity and adopts a closed transmission slip ring so that the problem of cable entanglement can be avoided.

(2) adopt micro - fan. It is easy to achieve the wind direction adjustment.

(3) it can be overcharged and over-protected. In addition, it can be a dc constant voltage charge.

(4) operation and use is simple and convenient, and no special maintenance is required.

3. How to maintain key maintenance of small wind turbines?

This word, generally speaking, is to have two sides, one is to use stainless steel or the material that passes through long effect anticorrosion on the outdoor machine piece, this can not need to undertake appearance to maintain. Second, it is on the generator, using advanced bearing and lithium base grease, and after running full five years, appropriate supplementary grease.