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Category and product features of household wind power systems

Jul 21, 2018

Domestic wind power system is a kind of machine that can help the family to generate electricity due to insufficient power supply. In remote areas with large demand for electricity and insufficient supply, especially in rural areas, mountainous areas or pastoral areas, generators are used in almost every household. Even in some cities or business districts where a large amount of electricity is used, which leads to a shortage of electricity, household generators are used.

Different types of household wind power systems have different characteristics. For example, the household wind power system that provides electricity for street lamps has low starting wind speed and high wind energy utilization rate. Small volume, low operating vibration. And the installation of equipment adopt human nature design, convenient equipment installation, maintenance and maintenance.

In addition, the wind turbine blades of the household wind power generation system are injected and shaped by new technology, coupled with the aerodynamic shape design and structural design. The wind energy utilization coefficient is high, which increases the annual power generation. The generator adopts permanent magnet rotor alternator, with stator design, so as to reduce the resistance torque of the generator. At the same time, the wind wheel and generator are well matched and the operation of the unit is reliable.

The other is a small all-weather household wind power generation system, which has the characteristics of small size, convenient installation, low cost and hi