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Calculation formula of power generation and output power of small wind turbine generator

Sep 28, 2017

Small wind turbines, it is one of the wind turbine, its main function, is to use wind to power operation, namely, to convert wind energy into electricity, for subsequent use, so it is a kind of effective power generation technology. In that case, let's take a look at it, so that you can add some professional knowledge to it.

1. Can the electric power of small wind generator drive the granule machine?

A small wind generator can generate how much power, mainly to look at the single-machine capacity, if the capacity of a single machine is different, then, its generation of electric energy, must be different. In addition, it is also important to see the following wind conditions, as well as the specific aspects of transmission and loss, because these are also relevant factors and sometimes have a great impact.

2. Electricity from a wind generator, is it direct current or alternating current? What about small wind turbines? In addition, is it suitable in windy islands and remote villages?

Electricity from a wind generator is an ac, not a direct current. And small wind turbines, which are one of the wind turbines, are the same, and are the same. This type of wind generator, used in windy islands and in remote villages, is very suitable and, in terms of electricity costs, is less than the electricity cost of the internal combustion engine.

3. The output power of small wind turbine, its corresponding calculation formula, is what?

Small wind turbine, its output power, is the corresponding calculation formula, is:

P = 1/2 level after A * V * Cp * D * eta or P = 1/2 level rho after * * A * V Cp

Among them, P is the output power for small wind turbines, A is for sweep area, V refers to wind speed, and Cp is for wind energy conversion rate, the upper limit is 59%. In this formula, the sweep area also has the corresponding formula, which is A= 1/2 PI *R squared, where R is the radius, πis 3.14159.