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Buy a 2000 w small wind turbine that is really suitable for you

Feb 21, 2019

How to choose a 2000 w small wind turbine that is really suitable for your own use, which is very knowledgeable. First of all, it depends on the manufacturers that produce wind turbines. Must find a regular manufacturer, generally have the ability to have large-scale manufacturers, their products are mostly complete, they have strong research and development capabilities, and their product quality is also in line with national standards.


In particular, the parameters of the 2000 w small wind turbine should be checked. The main technical parameters include: starting wind speed, rated wind speed, rated voltage, maximum power, rated power, rated speed and so on. Secondly, the user should select the corresponding 2000 w small wind turbine according to his own use requirements and wind conditions.


For example, in the Mainland, because the wind is small, it is better to choose some generators with lower power, because it is more likely to be driven by small air volume, and the continuous wind will supply more energy than the current wind; Power generators are difficult to generate electricity efficiently in a small wind environment, and even cannot be sent at all.


In this way, if the user uses a large amount of power, it is possible to purchase several low-power generators in parallel, which is much better than purchasing a high-powered generator or using a solar panel to form a wind-solar complementary power supply system. At the same time, the user should pay attention to the following points when purchasing the wind turbine: check the packing list, and check whether the accessories are complete; turn the rotating parts by hand to see if the rotation is flexible.www.titanwindturbine.com