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Briefly on the use of permanent magnet generators in automobiles

Sep 12, 2017

To say that the use of permanent magnet generator, first of all speaking, we actually have to pay attention to it is actually used in the world is a relatively new magnetic material ---- NdFeB magnetic field, and wirewound Excitation generator for comparison: it is not made of ferrous metal cast (forged) made of claw pole and magnetic erection, in terms of this aspect, in fact, there will be no enameled wire around the excitation coil, there is no brush and set Electric ring.

The permanent magnet generator used in the car, to a certain extent, it is able to meet the modern car in a variety of circumstances under the engine for high standards, and then, on the other side to, we actually have to Note that it is actually in fact there will be efficient energy-saving, no carbon brush, the reliability is also relatively high, for the car will not produce the relevant interference phenomenon, and will reduce the battery itself, a charge and discharge frequency.

However, in terms of the use of permanent magnet generators in the car, it is in fact to a certain extent, it will directly extend the battery itself, a life in the battery is completely no electricity, or from the battery of a special Circumstances, the car can still start driving, and, in fact, its power is also relatively large.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to this series of generators in terms of its own fact, that is, will have a low-power generation of the unique design, in view of this, it itself, in fact, that is, will be the majority of cities Bus system and its long-term low-speed slow, frequent start-up parking users widely recognized and applied.

Speaking of the use of permanent magnet generators on the car, more intuitive, on its design itself, in fact, it will be successfully applied to different types of gasoline engine and its diesel-powered vehicles, but we actually have to pay attention Is based on its own characteristics of a low-speed power generation, on the other hand, it is in the city bus and its mining machinery and municipal road construction machinery is also widely used.