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Braking system for household vertical wind turbines

Jun 21, 2018

Braking system is the key link of the safety control of vertical wind turbine, and it is the security guarantee when the equipment is uncontrollable. That is to say, for household vertical wind generator, set the braking device is to ensure that the purpose of state transition process from running state to stop, it is mainly used for security systems, can also be used for static or normal operation.

There are two kinds of braking, one is running braking, which is usually used under normal circumstances. The other is emergency braking, which is rarely used at ordinary times. It is only used when the wind turbine is overloaded and needs to be stopped rapidly in a short period of time when encountering strong wind.

Considering the household vertical wind turbine performance characteristics, its braking requirements for simpler first, use the brake when the fan is in a state of work, household vertical wind turbines stop running when reusing device to achieve rotor device contraction.

Household vertical wind turbines mostly just stay at around 1000 w of the use of small wind turbines, and the use of these small wind turbines is a family more spontaneous configuration, related professionals of higher power fan in the household wind power generation involves less work.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/