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Basic requirements and assembly requirements for residential vertical wind turbines

Mar 10, 2019

In order to properly install and use residential vertical wind turbines, the basic requirement is not to disassemble the equipment by yourself. If the equipment fails, please contact the designated service point; without authorization, no unit or individual may design, safety and performance of the equipment. Changes in the aspects; the use of this equipment should comply with relevant laws and regulations, respect the legitimate rights and interests of others.


The natural environment in which a residential vertical wind turbine works is very harsh. It is often inspected, listened to, checked whether the tower is swaying with the wind, and the cable is loose. Immediately before and after the extraordinarily large storm, it should be checked immediately when the wind turbine has problems. The maintenance-free battery should be kept clean.


After disassembling the residential vertical wind turbine package, it is recommended to short the three wires of the wind turbine; before installing the wind turbine, the lightning protection grounding device must be arranged. Lightning protection equipment can be arranged according to national standards or according to local environment and soil.


Before the flange of the vertical wind turbine generator is connected with the bracket flange, the three lead wires of the wind power generator are respectively connected with the three lead wires of the bracket. When connected by the splicing method, each pair of wires is spliced to a length of not less than 30 mm, and three layers are wound with an acetate cloth tape, and then a glass wire paint tube is placed thereon, and three pairs of wires are connected by this method.www.titanwindturbine.com