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Application of slide type vane system in vertical wind turbine

Jun 10, 2019

In order to solve the problem that the blade of the existing vertical wind turbine has a large starting angle and a reversing dead angle in the starting and rotating motion, and the airfoil area of the airfoil blade is small, the wind utilization rate is low, and there is a front airfoil wind resistance. In view of the fact that it is difficult to increase the capacity, a slide type vane system for a vertical wind turbine is provided.


By assembling the vane pulley on the single fan blade, the vane pulley rolls and rotates on the air vane ring chute, and the vane ring chute is fixedly mounted on the frame beam of the vertical wind generator, and the vane pulley supports the weight of the vane , reducing the suspension torque of the single blade to the crankshaft, so that the blade does not deform or sag due to the excessive length of the blade, the size of the blade is no longer limited, and the blade can be made large, so that the blade is subject to The wind area is large and the wind utilization rate is high. The blades rotate on the slides in the horizontal plane, with good balance characteristics, high speed and good stability, which are easy to install and debug.


The three individual blades of the vertical wind turbine are arranged at an angle of 120 degrees, and the three blades are complementary. It produces balanced rotating torque, no starting dead angle and reversing dead angle. The sliding vane system has a capacity of more than 10 MW in vertical wind turbines, and increases the stability and safety of wind turbines.www.titanwindturbine.com